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One small step for a drunk. One giant leap for drinkers.

Army, Navy, and Air Force Veterans Club

128 Broadview Ave.

In the Queen and Broadview universe, gentrification has resulted in the good dives being replaced by douche bars and high-priced hipster brewpubs.

But fear not thirstling. Small steps north of Queen, there exists another galaxy.  The friendly folks at the Army, Navy, and Air Force Veterans Club reside in an atmosphere free of douchery and beard balm.  Land your craft and fill your crater.

The Nitty-Gritty:

Jacksoul Poster: No

Service: Patriotic. Quick and friendly.

Price: Cheap by Broadview and Queen standards: $4.25 domestic bottled beer


Coastal-Patriotica Fusion.

Bright and airy. Cool neutral sea blues offset patriotic flags and battle displays. All of it held together by the weathered wood grain-finish of the bar counter and dart board cases.

Washroom facilities:

Cleanliness is guided by the rule that the drill sergeant must always see his reflection on the floor.


See “Washroom Facilities”.


Darts, TVs, and, laughing at the trendy drinkers down the street paying two to three times as much for the same booze.


Living history from veterans:

Well, these days it’s mostly veterans of the KISS Army. And the closest they’ve come to a weapon is the Love Gun album. But they can tell you how they fought valiantly for front-row centre during the ’76 Destroyer Tour.

Seamless cheap drinking

Doors open at 4pm, just when the only other nearby cheap beer joint, Buffaloes, closes for the day.

No cover charge or membership needed to drink:

Just buy a beer and make yourself at home. Well, not too at home. As they like to say in the world of dives: No swearing. No rants. And no lounging around in your underpants.

Meet Andre the Giant’s protégé:

Bri the Beer Drinking Guy. 

Bri and Andre the Giant during a training session.

There’s a local man who was trained in mass beer consumption by Andre the Giant.  (As I’m sure you know, Andre once whacked down 119 bottles of beer in six hours.) Anyway, his protégé’s name is Bri the Beer Drinking Guy and, like animals around a watering hole, he stays at a bar until he drinks it dry or gets chased off by a bigger beast. I got lucky and saw him at the “ANAF”.

Andre the Giant relaxing.

Suggested musical accompaniment:

“Love Gun” by KISS

The Last Call:

Dive Bar Mike recommends this bar for those with beard allergies, KISS fans, competitive drinkers, dart athletes, history buffs, and cheap beer fans.


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