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TMI served with every beer.

Happy Day’s Restaurant & Bar

1806 Danforth Ave.

Toronto being Maple Leafs crazy, I initially thought the possessive apostrophe on “Day’s” meant that this bar might have been a tribute to 1920s and 30s Leaf great Clarence “Happy” Day. 

It was just a typo.   But the place does have a hockey theme in that some of the regulars seem to have taken a few slap shots to the skull.

Anyhow, on entering, I ponied up to the bar and in front of my perch sat a blissful cherub.  This cheery image seemed well in-keeping the joint’s name.

But its beaming visage was a contrast to my first barstool interaction whereby a woman called across the bar and introduced herself like this:

“Hi, stranger. How are you? I OD’d yesterday. Close call!”
Then to the whole bar: “Have you ever OD’d?”
The owner, standing up for his bar’s branding, immediately asked her to talk about happy things. She complied and cheerily asked me if I wanted to see “her nice set of Hogans.”

So sets the stage for Happy Day’s Restaurant & Bar

The Nitty-Gritty:

Jacksoul Poster: No

Price: Affordable. $4.50 domestic bottles.

Service: Friendly owner. Missed his calling as a social worker or psychotherapist.


Toronto Reformation.

Classic Toronto tavern Tudor.  Toronto Tavern Tudor obviously had an amazing salesman working The Danforth. See Linsmore Tavern and The Flamingo.


Multifaceted.  Complex.  Layered like an onion skin.  Okay, it’s just plywood.

Washroom facilities:

Clean. But to be inclusive and avoid offending any snowflakes with dandruff, they should consider also offering shampoo for those with dry or oily hair. 


Exceptionally clean. But what else would you expect from a bar where you can wash your hair in the washroom.


TVs, jukebox, and free pool.  Free unless you agree to play a pool shark and lose $100. Not that I know anything about that.  Really, I don’t…


Burn Baby Burn

Play a few disco songs on the jukebox and stare intently at the glitter ball over the bar.  Something happens.  My optometrist had a name for it, which I can’t recall.  But the glasses he prescribed suit me, though.

Eye Care

An optometrist is across the street from the bar. See above.

The Police are close by

Kops records has Sting’s best work on vinyl. Cross the street and check it out.

Suggested musical accompaniment:

“Lady in Red” by Chris DeBurgh

The Last Call:

Dive Bar Mike recommends this bar for indoor sunglass wearers, competitive pool players, social workers, and those who like tell-all conversations with complete strangers.


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