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A clash of eastern cultures

My Bar & Restaurant

936 Gerrard St. East

When I think of My Bar, the word “east” comes to mind: it’s on Gerrard St. East; it’s in the east end; it’s got both a Cape Breton and an Indian theme; and, it has a beast that lives in the basement.  (Well, “beast” has “east” in it.)

Notice the charming lady in the bottom-left-hand corner of the photo saluting my presence.

The Nitty-Gritty:

Jacksoul Poster: No

Price: Cheap: $3.50 domestic bottled beer

Service: Friendly. Chatty. Efficient.


Shabby Chic Fusion

Shabby Chic Fusion is characterized by pastels, distressed furnishings and a fusion of cultures. Plenty of distress and fusion here: a faded smiling Buddha, wrinkled Cape Breton flag, wobbly chairs, scratched tables, cracked flooring, and a rickety stairwell. All of it basking in the murmuring glow of pastel green.

Washroom facilities:

OCD paradise.

Feel a compulsion to clean? Cleaning products are thoughtfully left all over the basement for you.

The ladies room says it with flowers. I think they’re saying remember to flush.


Clean. How could it not be with the cleaning products scattered all around the basement?


$1 coin-op pool table, juke box, and, best of all, listening to drunks speaking in tongues and understanding each other.


The Power of Diversity

You’ll notice a Laughing Buddha facing a Cape Breton Flag on the opposite wall. When you look back and forth at both a few times a certain otherworldly feeling comes over you. I think it’s the power of diversity. Or maybe it’s just that you get dizzy from turning your head so many times.

Psychoanalytical Insight:

Stand between these adjacent images. Confused? Anxious? Turned on?  Relax. Freud called it the “Madonna-whore Complex.” 

On-site Fitness Centre:

The basement is used as a boxercise dojo. According to the bartender, each fist crater you punch burns about 270 calories.

Horror Film Buff Heaven

Right after taking my seat at the bar, I heard a loud growl coming from the basement.

I was shaking as leaden footsteps pounded up the stairs.  Then appeared a giant shadowy figure. OMG!  It’s the monster from “The Thing!!!”

He crossed the floor, ponied up to the bar and looked at me closely.  In all the fear and excitement I almost pooped my Underoos.

Suddenly, he asked what everyone was drinking and bought us a round. I fainted with relief.

Suggested musical accompaniment:

“Jumpin’ Jack Flash” by Ananda Shankar

The Last Call:

Dive Bar Mike recommends this bar for OCD sufferers, horror film lovers, fitness enthusiasts, cheap beer fans, and anyone who just endured nearby Gerrard Square.


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