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Heeeeeeeeere’s Jenny!

Tasty Restaurant

1222 King St. West

“Tasty” is a lively community hub located on a block of ramshackle buildings at King and Dufferin. And what really makes this bar bounce can be summed up in one word: Jenny.

Jenny is a regular and one-woman Broadway show. And when she shows up, it truly is ‘The Jenny Show.”

She is a cross between Wendy O. Williams and Mary Tyler Moore. I reckon about 70:30 Wendy to Mary.

When Jenny’s in the room, it goes from café to cabaret.   She is 50,000 watts of power and gets everyone singing and dancing.

Beyond Jenny, a chatty group of regulars will regale you with stories from their flavourful lives—usually riches to rags fables.

Standing on her tippy toes to serve you is “Mama.” She’s the miniature matriarch who owns the place and tends bar with her cordial son. And she often darts back to the kitchen to cook.  But what and for whom she’s cooking, no one’s telling.  And when asked, they’ll just say you won’t like the food.

But you’ll like the bar, especially if the curtain rises on the vivacious Jenny. And it’s a good place to drink cheaply before Argos, TFC, and Marlies games at BMO Field and the Coliseum.

The Nitty-Gritty:

Jacksoul Poster: No

Price: $4.25 domestic bottles. Cheap compared to nearby Liberty Village options.

Service: Ranges from friendly to nuclear extroversion. Depends if Jenny’s in the house or not.


Walls decorated in the creations of celebrated designers Sherwin-Williams. And sometimes assorted sports memorabilia. Until someone walks out with it.

Washroom facilities:

On the bright side, you can wiz and wash your hands in the same place.  The sink works.


Spotless compared to the McDonald’s that was across the street.


TVs, jukebox, and Jenny.



Opening Act:

Do the Monkey

Act II

Can-Can/Puttin’ on the Ritz Dance Fusion.


The Spotlight Dance

Act IV


Stand-Up Comedy

“Did you hear the one about the priest, the rabbi, and the imam?”

Super Dave

This guy can drink five beer in about 90 seconds.  You have to buy him the beer to witness it, but he can do it.   Only Mama can do it faster.

The Last Call:

Dive Bar Mike recommends this bar for drinkers sick of Liberty Village prices, those who like show tunes with their dives, shy people looking to break out of their shells, and BMO Field pre-drinkers.


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