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Feed your addiction

The Sunshine Restaurant

2879 Danforth Ave.

Soon after arriving, I started chatting with a friendly regular. A shady-looking dude immediately approached and asked if we wanted to buy some cheese. I declined knowing that cheese is slang for a Black-Tar heroin/cold medication combo. But the guy beside me wanted a taste and followed the dealer outside. It was sad watching a nice fellow succumb to drugs. 

This nice fellow soon returned with his purchase, three bars of cheddar cheese. The dealer was actually selling real cheese—half-price stolen cheese. 

When I told the down-market cheesemonger I thought he was peddling heroin, he firmly responded that selling drugs is against the law. 

So sets the stage for the Sunshine Restaurant. 

The Nitty-Gritty:

Jacksoul Poster: No

Price: $3.75 domestic bottles

Service: Slightly drunk.


Beer Rep Chic 

Everything on their walls hails from a beer company. Especially the splash marks. 

Washroom facilities:

If you like exposed brick, you can’t do any better than their restroom. And like all urinals, someone leaves a message on the wall above.


Clean enough but dirty pool is played.


TV (cable and closed-circuit), jukebox, billiard table, and meeting real ex-cons. 


The four basic food groups

Reality TV

From the comfort of your barstool watch CCTV featuring real dealing in sex, drugs, and Double-Crème Brie.

Flat Rate Drinking

High Performance Automotive

Zero to 60 in 5.2 seconds. 60 degrees Fahrenheit, that is.

In 1930, when Walter P. Chrysler needed A/C for his new Chrysler Building in NYC, he asked for help from his team at Chrysler Corporation. They delivered and thus was born the first fully air-conditioned skyscraper and as a result, Airtemp Corporation. Witness this chilling 1960s example.


People look at you threateningly until they believe you’re not a cop.

Devout Drinking

Bar dominates the room like a church altar. Makes sense because for many, drinking is a religious experience. All I know is a hangover leaves me on my knees.

World-class Entertainment

Forget the living statues at high-profile downtown tourist hubs, by my watch this guy didn’t move a muscle for over an hour.

Suggested ear-bud musical accompaniment:

“Piss on the Wall” by J. Geils Band

The Last Call:

Dive Bar Mike recommends this bar for cheap beer and cheese lovers, and Hells Angels prospects.


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